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* Scoreboard Competition

Scoreboard Competition!

So, in Jailbreak, we are in need of a Custom Scoreboard that will be used on the current Jailbreak Server and all future ones as well. We would like a Scoreboard designed in Photoshop or any other Graphical Software that must follow the following criteria:
  • Must have the SC3 Logo on there somewhere.
  • There must me a column for: Name, Rank, Kills, Deaths, Ping and anything else you want!
  • Must be colour fun and appealing to the eye!
  • File must be handed as a PNG file

All entries must be sent to Shubbler through Steam or the Forums uploaded to Dropbox or Imgur.

The Prize for the best entry is:
  • Their Entry created and uploaded for use to All Jailbreak Servers
  • VIP+ on Jailbreak
July 11, 2014, 07:56:57 pm by SC3 Dat Wigga | Views: 65 | Comments: 5

Steam IGN:sc3|Dat Wigga
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:56974063
Mic:Yes (Can be good at times)
Occupation:Gaming, Basket Ball
Timezone/Country: UAE, Dubai
Time on server: 94 Hours 37 Mins   
Past Experience: Minecraft Moderator, No Gmod staff ranks yet.
Ideal Times that I can play: Usually as soon as the server comes on or I see someone on the server, I'm on the computer quite alot.
Reason for applying: Whenever im on the server there sometimes is a rdmers,campers and mic spammers or chat spammers and there arent any members of staff on to sort it out, I think I would be good for the rank because im on the server alot and can sort those sort of people out when other members of staff are on.

Examples of leadership: When I see new people breaking the rules I ask them to stop and explain to them what they are doing wrong and ask them to read the rules, sometimes it works and they learn the rules other times they dont listen to me and just continue what they are doing until a member of staff sorts it out. Another example of leadership is when newbies ask questions about the server I answer the questions in deep description and help them with their time on the SC3 Network.

Define KOS Camping: KOS: Kill On Sight camping(Staying in a location for more than 30 seconds) is when a guard stays in a kos location for more than 30 seconds.
Define RDM: RDM: Random DeathMatch is when a guard shoots and kills a prisoner for no reason and no instruction from the Warden.
Define Mic Spam: A player using the mic to make a continuous sound without stopping and annoying other players.

A Prisoner is camping in the helicopter on the map 'New Summer'. How would you deal with the situation?: I would ask them to move from the location and warn them that they were camping, if they ask that they thought prisoners were allowed to camp I would say that they aren't unless its a hide n seek day, and ask them to read the rules.

A guard has just RDMed/Freekilled, how will you deal with the situation?: Give the guard 30 seconds the tell me why they RDMed/Freeshot that prisoner if they ignore me slay and move them to prisoner team.

What is the role of a Moderator?: The role of a moderator is to enforce the rules and make sure people are following them and also help fellow players with the server.

Who are the three community owners?:

I hope you take my application in to consideration and wish you to accept it.

-Dat Wigga
July 10, 2014, 10:30:35 pm by cheesepotato999 | Views: 57 | Comments: 0

Unfortunately the owners have come to a join decision to close do the SC3 MInecraft server, to focus more attention towards jailbreak and DarkRP servers

RIP SC3 Minecraft
July 09, 2014, 11:23:03 pm by Matan Oz 10 | Views: 98 | Comments: 11

Steam IGN: SC3 | matanoz10
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:67329227
Age: 14
Mic: (Yes/No) yes (not so good but yes)
Occupation: student
Timezone/Country: IDT (Israel)
Time on server: 41 hours
Past Experience:unfortunatly none but I'm ready to get into action! :)
Ideal Times that I can play:14:00- 18:00, 23:00-1:00 (IDT)
Reason for applying:I looooooooove this server and even though I have no experience I want to devote my whole gmod time on this server (because I play mostly on this one :P)

Examples of leadership:Making the prisoners and the guardes listen to you without yelling at them and also making the people on the server like you and do things that you ask them to do.

Define KOS Camping: KOS(kill on sight) camping is when a guard is standing in a KOS area about 30 seconds and doesnt leave.
Define RDM: RDM (random death match) is when a guard randomly kills a prisoner/s without any good reason (like he makes me mad, I dont like him etc.)
Define Mic Spam:when a prisoner/guard (except for the warden) is talking too much or making noises and making the people on the server fell not so good about him and want him to shut up.

A Prisoner is camping in the helicopter on the map 'New Summer'. How would you deal with the situation?: I will tell him that he has 15 seconds to get off the heli and if he will not do that by then he will be slayen.

A guard has just RDMed/Freekilled, how will you deal with the situation?: I will ask him "why did you do that" and I will give him 20 seconds to apply and if he doesnt apply/ give me a stupid and not good reason (like he makes me mad, I dont like him etc.) I will slay him. If he does that often/massive RDM I will kick him out of the server.

What is the role of a Moderator?:the rule of the mod is to keep an eye on the people that are playing and make sure that everything is alright and also make sure that the people are having fun and being entertained on the server.

Who are the three community owners?:

I will be veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery happy if you vote me and I really like this server so I will like to be a trusted (thanks for supporting :)))))))))))))
July 09, 2014, 03:58:08 pm by Lordphylogeny | Views: 96 | Comments: 5

On July 9th, Let it be known that an elite list of Jailbreak members was started. The players of jailbreak that truly impress me and do something so extraordinary I have to stop and and admire how inspirational they are to human kind.

For that reason, these people will be knighted by my stun stick as there Death Request and I will add them to this post where there name will forever live on as a token of how awesome they were.

The Knights of the Stunstick

June 9th - Seductive Toast
For knowing that the densest element was Osmium in a Jepordy day without the use of google
July 09, 2014, 12:23:40 am by potatoman | Views: 163 | Comments: 20

Soon the pointshop will be activated on the servers.
Would it be a good idea to have a respawn-potion?
How do you think we should balance it?
Should you spawn with lower health?
How expensive should it be? (very expensive, or just normal, or slightly above average)

Let us know what you think about this idea.

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