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New Moderator Application Process / Minecraft Server!

New Moderator Application Process

There is going to be a new Moderator application process
which will change the way in which you will get moderator.

1. Firstly you need to make a moderator application.
This application will not change but what happens after

2. If your moderator application is accepted, you will
be made a trial moderator.

3. For a short space of time, as trial moderator, you will be trained by other staff. Once these staff feel that you are of a high enough level,  then you will be given a moderator interview.

4. If you success in the interview, you will be given your moderator rank.

The moderator application process has been changed because we would like to reduce the amount of people that fail the trial moderator and interview stages, and so that all staff are trained to a scertain standard so that there are minimal issues with moderating.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask to myself!

Head of Staff Training

SC3 Minecraft Server!
Yes you heard correctly! After many complications the server is now up for testing. It is fully done but expect some problems but feel free to join on mc.sc3network.com on 1.8.1. Currently we have only factions but we will put more in the future!-3than565 (MC Head Admin)
Today at 02:38:24 pm by SC3 | cOnNeCtioNs | Views: 2 | Comments: 0

Steam IGN: SC3 | cOnNeCtIoNs
Steam Username:yourmumsamilf69
Steam ID: STEAM0:1:16195506
Mic: yes
Timezone/Country: UTC/GMT
Time on server: 126hr
Past Experience:i used to be an admin on a ttt server.
Ideal Times that I can play:on weekdays i can play 17:00-12:00 and on weekends i can play 01:00-21:00

Past Moderator Experience:i used to be an admin on a ttt server.

Why would you be a Good Moderator:I would be a good moderator because i am always looking to improve evryones gameplay exsperience by trying to sort out rule breakers but with trusted it is hard to do much most of the commands are fun things that you can only do to yourself.i would also be a good moderator because this is my only server that i play now and also i am on most of the time and always helping people learn the rules so they dont rule break.

Examples of Real Life leadership:I work at a pub where i have to make sure everyone has a good ti...
Today at 01:54:04 pm by DaneG | Views: 17 | Comments: 2

DaneG's Admin Application

Hey there! I am back on this side of the forum to apply for admin, now I know it may be a bit early, not as early as mulan ;) But I think since I was previously staff here I know how kinda most things work and that I am ready to move up the ranks much faster. Now here it is...

Steam IGN: DaneG
Steam Username: tempahrapiidz
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:63372823
Age: 15
Mic: (Yes/No) Yes
Timezone/Country: Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom, GMT
Time on server: 347.52 Hours

Past Experience:
In this question I find this pointless in talking about my past experience in other games so I am going to just ...
Yesterday at 09:29:04 pm by NitNat498 | Views: 75 | Comments: 7

Ok so this is a post about the donations in Minecraft. So Minecraft doesn't have many choices when it comes to donations so I suggest that we have different kits which people can pay IRL money for. These are as follows:

Kit Raid.
Ever wanted to really mess with someone and blowing up their base is the best option. But Tnt is expensive and you don't have time to kill creepers. This kit will allow you to make your "friend's" life a real hell.

This Kit will include:
-2 Stacks of Tnt
-16 creeper eggs

This Kit will cost £5
And will have a 7 day cool down period to stop you being too OP and becoming the most OP faction Like PCMR

Kit Mining

Ever needed that boost when getting through the cobble? Need a better pick? Here's what you:

-A Diamond Pick wi
Yesterday at 04:03:39 pm by potatoGirl | Views: 95 | Comments: 5

Steam Username: potatogirl
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:72593492
Mic: (Yes/
Teamspeak (Yes/
Timezone/Country: GMT,England
Time on server: 26 hours
Ideal Times that I can play: Monday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,sunday

Past Gaming Experience:I was trusted on a server that went down and soon would have been a mod   

Why should you be a Trusted Member: I should be trusted as sometimes im on and there is no staff on and people are saying people are e.g rdming , mic spamming so if im trusted and there is no staff on I would help people out if they need me. If a person messaged me that they been e.g rdmed i would tell a staff online or any staff in my friends

Examples of You Working In a Team IRL: In school, at home , helping people in groups ,dancing

List all the KOS areas on the Blackops Map:catwalk,vent,armoury,orange roof   

Give an Example you have witnessed of Rule Breaking: There was a p...
Yesterday at 02:17:34 pm by potatoman | Views: 37 | Comments: 0

Please post your suggestion here if it woul involve development:

Thank you,
SC3 Dev Team

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