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Yesterday at 05:33:34 pm by Tobemyster | Views: 34 | Comments: 1

What happened to Melward
He was here about a week ago (pun intended) but now he isn't even on the staff list
December 20, 2014, 09:48:28 pm by warrlando | Views: 45 | Comments: 4

I think for Christmas on minecraft so from maybe 23rd to 1st or something there should be an event like a scavenger hunt or a series of events and the winner gets so mc money there should be a Christmas tree with presents around it where players give other items to each other whether that is a diamond pick to a horse spawn egg
December 20, 2014, 07:19:58 pm by warrlando | Views: 55 | Comments: 2

when is the SC3 minecraft server available for public access
December 20, 2014, 02:28:11 pm by Tobemyster | Views: 47 | Comments: 0

Ok, so my suggestion for jailbreak is that when a moderatorvip types in chat, the colour of his rank is a light green/blue colour, this is the same for trial moderators. I think it should be changed because that colour isn't very attractive and I think it should be a red or purple colour. It is very minor but as normal mods get a pink colour, I just think it would be a good addition.
December 20, 2014, 10:47:32 am by Shubbler | Views: 138 | Comments: 15


Hey Guys, this is my attempt at starting my own Faction on the Minecraft Server (mc.sc3network.com).

So basically, we are a Faction that will be the ultimate Faction on the Server. We have a base built by Officer Cookie that will keep out any enemy *****'s. ShubblerCraft will provide you with your own Room where you can keep all of you items. You have one chance in ShubblerCraft, if you blow this, do not come back for a second chance.

Here are the Current Members (Steam Name (Minecraft Name)):
Shubbler (shubbler)

Cookie (sparky)

The_Lunatique (theUberMedic)
Hexagon (Quickmeerkat)
UtopianDaniel (UtopianDaniel)
JDude (JDude9663)
SupahKiller (SupahKiller)

If you wish to join, please reply with this application:
Code: [Select]
Steam Name:
Minecraft Name:
Previous Factions Experience:
Are you of a staff rank on the Minecraft server?:
Best Skill? (e.g. Building, Mining):
Do you understand that if you share any important information with another clan without authorisation from Shubbler then you will be instantly enemised?:

Have a Nice Day, Shubbler.

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