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Today at 02:59:44 am by kaltouza | Views: 11 | Comments: 1

Steam IGN: John
Steam Username: MrJohn
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:66023557
Age: 14
Mic: (Yes)But i like typing in chat am a fast writer.
Teamspeak (Yes)
Timezone/Country:  UTC +1 Country: Algeria/Setif.
Time on server: 108.38Hour
Ideal Times that I can play: i can be from 12 am to 12 pm at least
Past Moderator Experience: Was Moderator in Solar gaming 6 months ago also a Moderator in Minecraft
Why would you be a Good Moderator:  I am active and online most of the day,when there is no high staff member online i'd like to help.
Examples of Real Life leadership: i was a class represantative twice , and i also was the scout leader in my hometown.
Define KOS Camping: it stands for KILL on sight and can be game breaking in some situations mainly when someone holds a door or a special position for more than 30sec where he have adventage and keeps killing players instantly.
Give an Example you have witnessed of RDM: It means Random Deathmatch, Killing people without a valid reason. like a warden killing the prisoners for no reason.
Who was involved and what Punishment was given?: the warden was involved in my case ... i gave him 3WARNINGS than we had to kick him for major disruptive behavior.
How would you deal with someone Spamming the forums?: Delete his spam while giving him a fair warning ...30min timeout on the second time and a ban on the 3rd time.
A Guard just Mass RDMed and then left the server to avoid punishment, How would you ban the RDMer?: I will ban his steam id and based on the server i can ban his IP adress.
A member of the community has complained that another User is using Aimbot, how would you deal with this problem?: I will have to spec him for a while to make sure he is using external hacks ... if he is found guilty he will get insta and permanent ban.
What is the role of a Moderator on the SC3 Forums?: Remove spams posts, rude posts , old posts and basicly keep the forum clean and apropriate.
What day are the SC3 Staff Meetings on?: Every Friday's from 8pm to 9pm
Give the Names of Any Three Jailbreak Staff Members?
1)SC3 | JDude
2)SC3 | Harry Potter

Who are the Three community owners?:
Yesterday at 11:19:10 pm by jaydawg | Views: 33 | Comments: 4

Steam IGN:|PC|Jaydawg
Steam Username:mod_dazier
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:5052851
Time on server:10.82 - This will go up in due time.
Ideal Times that I can play:Well I can play from 4pm to 8pm but I can play around
3-5 or 5 hours a day depeanding on what im doing though.
Past Experience:I have over 3200 hours on Garry's Mod and 900 hours of that on jailbreak and 1700 for darkrp and the rest on other mini games.

Past Moderator Experience:Moderator on about 3-4 servers before they closed of money issues and admin on 1-2 servers and 2 times on darkrp cause of helping to blacklist items and tools etc.

Why would you be a Good Moderator:Because I love to play on the server but atlast I see soo many rule breakers on when the
staff are not on the server and then mic spam and mass rdm comes a issue but I feel like I can help solve it by
removing the rule breakers and making the community a better place.

Examples of Real Life leadership:I use to play airsoft a few years ago and I use to lead a small group to sneak around the enemy.

Define KOS Camping:Kos camping is where a guard stays in a KOS area like Armoury, Vents, GuardTowers for over 30
seconds and if the guard doesnt or refuses to move I would use the command Ulx Slay "Name" in console or use !menu
depeanding on the name.

Give an Example you have witnessed of RDM:Ive witnessed on the server when there is no staff mass rdm
mic spamming and a some swearing.

Who was involved and what Punishment was given?:Well if I was mod I would of Brought & Froze command and questioned
why the person rdmed and if they don't give a valid reason or if it was mass rdm I would of permanent banned

How would you deal with someone Spamming the forums?:I would first by removing all of the spammed topics / reply and then
contact a higher rank that can warn / ip ban the person or ban the account from doing it again.

A Guard just Mass RDMed and then left the server to avoid punishment, How would you ban the RDMer?:I would first by opening
console and getting there steam id and using the console command Ulx banid "Steam ID" and then ban permanent for mass rdm and evading the situation .

A member of the community has complained that another User is using Aimbot, how would you deal with this problem?:I would start by spectating the user for a few rounds and if anythink is odd by what there doing.

What is the role of a Moderator on the SC3 Forums?:To support the communtiy and make sure no is breaking the rules
and to make sure the communtiy is as best as it can be.

What day are the SC3 Staff Meetings on?
I think from 9pm (maybe changed)

Give the Names of Any Three Jailbreak Staff Members?
1)SC3 | Harry Potter

Who are the Three community owners?:
Yesterday at 10:30:44 pm by Warlando | Views: 25 | Comments: 2

Me and Wrecktum have been arguing about this and I added sloths in there for JDude.
Yesterday at 09:41:38 pm by Grimnox | Views: 33 | Comments: 2

So I don't mean to be some type of bore, but I was playing on the darkRp on my own and I came up with a list of suggestions that really helped boost players on my server and communities that i have staffed on in the past, ill write them all in a list I will only suggest which i persoanlly myself can fix so the development team should have no issues.
  • Loading Screen- Add wallet salary name etc linked to the database so people can see what money they have etc while joining the server, also make it look more fancy i suggest using a website so you can use the HTML CSS aspect instead of a static image
  • HUD- the HUD is obstructive in certain ways for example the phone at the bottom right is just bad looking and in the way, and the text is too far spaced. this is easy to fix. also the HUD is not custom it was released by a different developer, I fell adding a custom HUD would bring in more players loving the servers uniqueness
  • Custom Jobs- Players can just change there job title to anything they want, this is bad because it can fade peoples purpose and mean that they can just base there class on whatever and dodge and avoid server rules. I feel that if people pay for custom classes, with custom models and guns, that alot more players would come and play and donate to be different it would also stop alot of RDM cases. and rule avoiding.
  • Car Dealership- Adding the car-dealership add on so players can save up ingame currency to buy cars is a great way of bringing in money and keeping the economy flowing smoothly. Prices of cars could vary on handling, speed and looks this gives players a chance to show off there play time and well earned money, something to play for.
  • Bank Vault- this gives thief and gangsters / custom classes the chance to rob the bank, police will be alerted when this happens and will have the chance to kill the thief's in allotted time, or else the thief's escape with the money also improving economy and making more ways to earn in-game currency.
  • Printers- these are a big issue on servers and make it easy for players to make mass amounts of money in a small time killing the economy, printers should be capped to a certain amount of money per second and VIP's should have better printers that print a little more per second, printers are also the biggest lag issue which many server don't realize so using certain printers can reduce lag and help the economy.
  • Map- The map is a big issue it's too small and there isn't enough room to space bases. more players prefer to play evo-city because its a good size and there is a great place to add car dealerships and enough room to have bases and start gun dealer businesses, this map also has a nice bank to support the bank raiding add on which i mentioned above.

A lot of more things could be mentioned but as i said i'm only stating things that I fell the development team would be able to fix and edit without any issues at all. I fell if these suggestions are fulfilled the server could kick off in a big way.

- Your sincerley Grimnox
Yesterday at 03:44:58 pm by PH Destroyer | Views: 62 | Comments: 7

I have been playing jailbreak on the sc3 network for a while now and many times I have seen newbs be able to become wardens and guards and start an rdming spree. A lot of the time it is the nebs who rdm because they have not seen other wardens who are more experienced do it. In order to stop the rdm I believe you should be able to unlock the ability to become a guard when you get to lvl 20 so that they are more experienced and have seen other wardens play.

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