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Recently our Staff team has been divided in to three sections In order to make some of our workload easier and give some responsibility to the Super admins so that they have to look after 2 admins and 4 Moderators, making sure they turn up to meetings, they are doing their job and other things.

To mark this change we are organizing a great competition between the three teams to show which one is greatest. It shall be a Team Death match on Garry's Mod. The date has not yet been confirmed but in order to take part, register your interest soon in order to secure a place in a team

Click HERE to learn how to register an interest!
Today at 04:19:52 pm by Steel Jackal | Views: 31 | Comments: 5

Just posting this to see if anyone could tell me or post something about the commands each staff rank can do as i'm a little confuzled about who can do what thx :p
Today at 04:09:46 pm by Bronson | Views: 21 | Comments: 1

As some of you may know or not know man is going to uni on wednesday and has two weeks of freshers so the weeks will mainly consist of drinking, meeting new people and hangovers so this may leave little time for SC3 Jailbreak, or it may not and I'll be able to play alot, i just dont know. This is why I just thought I would just give a heads up on me not being so active in the next couple of weeks.

This is why I guess if the owners do decide that I am being to inactive, considering if I havent already contacted the owners saying I think it would be best for me to resign or if i am being active enough I wish you all the best on your endeavors while i get absolutely smashed and have the best two weeks of my life!!!!!!!!!!!

So please do a little dance ( go into console and type !act dance)....
Make a little love.....
Get down tonight (down to SC3 JB)......
Get down tonight
Today at 08:15:13 am by Iraphoen | Views: 41 | Comments: 3

So for this year, I'm gonna be working on an SC3 t-shirt. It's gonna have the logo and owners, devs and Super Admims on the front, and the logo yet again on the back with Admins and Mods.

So how about it?
Yesterday at 07:37:20 pm by MrFuzzion™ | Views: 32 | Comments: 2

Yesterday at 05:54:35 pm by anominas | Views: 100 | Comments: 7

Steam IGN: my steam in game name is the same as my steam userneame which is SC3 | anominas

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:55096813
Age: 13 14 in january
Mic: yes i have a very good and clear logitech webcam mic
Timezone/Country: BST (british summer time)
Time on server: 12.6(i have more but its not there under the name anominas not SC3 | anominas
Past Experience: i was mod on one community called AIN which is now closed  and vip on a tf2 server called 4the lulz
Ideal Times that I can play: i can play from when i wake up till about 11 on weekdays and whenever on weekends

Past Moderator Experience: i have been moderator on a couple of gmod servers and a tf2 server

Why would you be a Good Moderator:I believe that I would be a good mod because I  report rule breaks i see to shubbler over steam however i havn't been on for a while  . Another reason why I should be a mod is because whenever there is a staff on I feel helpless to do anything to any rule breakers and if I were to be a mod I would always put the players fun before my own to unsure the server stayed in playable conditions.

Examples of Real Life leadership: i have been the leader of many school projects and work and have always been able to keep members in check.

Define KOS Camping: KOS camping is where a guard stays in a KOS area for 30 seconds
 or more for Example catwalks or armoury which ruins the fun.

Give an Example you have witnessed of RDM: a guard has killed a prisoner for jumping in his cell and the warden never said he couldn't.

Who was involved and what Punishment was given?:i can't remember who it was that was involved however the punishment was that the staff member checked the logs saw that the guard had killed him asked for winesses and then slayed him.

How would you deal with someone Spamming the forums?:I would reply to the post and say to stop spamming the forums say if someone was making new trusted application due to minor errors and I would send a message to them on the forums and if they continued I would find them in game and talk to them.

A Guard just Mass RDMed and then left the server to avoid punishment, How would you ban the RDMer?: because i have been staff on other servers i know you can do dban and depending on how many players he rdmed depends on the amount of time he is banned for he is banned for.

A member of the community has complained that another User is using Aimbot, how would you deal with this problem?: to be honest i have absolutly no idea whatsoever but i am willing to learn how

What is the role of a Moderator on the SC3 Forums?:To report/remove any people who spam the forums as well as inappropriate posts. We also should comment on any application that goes up to give are opinion on the player and to help the owners decide to accept or not.

What day are the SC3 Staff Meetings on?:  Friday 9pm

Give the Names of Any Three Jailbreak Staff Members?
1) SC3 | jdude
2) SC3 | penguin
3) cheesepotato

Who is the community owner?:
1) SC3 | shubbler

Who are the community co-owners?:

i hope that you will look at this app and consider accepting so its bye from me for now looking forward to seeing feedback positive or negative.  8)   

and no one that has quoted has seen me on because i played before them and i stopped playing for a while  ;)

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