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* Scoreboard Competition

Scoreboard Competition!

So, in Jailbreak, we are in need of a Custom Scoreboard that will be used on the current Jailbreak Server and all future ones as well. We would like a Scoreboard designed in Photoshop or any other Graphical Software that must follow the following criteria:
  • Must have the SC3 Logo on there somewhere.
  • There must me a column for: Name, Rank, Kills, Deaths, Ping and anything else you want!
  • Must be colour fun and appealing to the eye!
  • File must be handed as a PNG file

All entries must be sent to Shubbler through Steam or the Forums uploaded to Dropbox or Imgur.

The Prize for the best entry is:
  • Their Entry created and uploaded for use to All Jailbreak Servers
  • VIP+ on Jailbreak
Today at 01:08:55 am by Jon Snow | Views: 39 | Comments: 5

Steam IGN: Jon Snow
Steam Username: Rob9ches1
Steam ID: 48983041
Mic: Yes
Timezone/Country: BST (British Summer Time)
Time on server: Says 203 Minutes played? We all know that's not true. My Guess would be around 45-55 Hours.
Past Experience: Minecraft Mod,Admin,Co-Owner,Trusted (On this server)
Ideal Times that I can play: Now that's it is Summer i can spend 12pm-2am. Back in school around 5pm-9pm

Past Moderator Experience: I have been a Moderator on mine craft. It has now closed down now :(.

Why would you be a Good Moderator: Why would i be a good moderator on Jailbreak? Well i play this server Day And Night. When the moderators and admins go off to play something else, i'm still there playing by myself. When rdmers and hackers and mic spammers are on and you have to votekick and votegag etc. People don't do it sometimes cause the people breaking the rules think they are funny so they keep them on. I just want to be able to sort them out and make the server alot better not just for me, but for everyone.

Examples of Real Life leadership: I play hockey on the weekends with my team. If the captain or manger for us is gone i step in and boost the teams morale and support them, get better at the sport.

Define KOS Camping: KOS Camping (Kill On Sight) Means a guard is camping in a KOS area e.x Vents Catwalks Armoury Guard towers for more than 30 seconds.

Give an Example you have witnessed of RDM: A Warden had said all prisoners come to the warden waypoint no detours or delays. It was a lava day and as we know a new order cancels out a old one so people went to it knowing that lava day was over. He closed the cells and said Kill everyone not off the floor.

Who was involved and what Punishment was given?: It was Jonsey he put up a moderator application not that long ago. The punishment was a kick for mass rdm as he was a regular and knew the rules. 

How would you deal with someone Spamming the forums?:  I would PM them saying 'Don't spam the forums please I don't want to hear your name popping up saying you have been banned from the forums. If he continued then tell Fuzzion,Shubbler,Lord etc to sort it out.

A Guard just Mass RDMed and then left the server to avoid punishment, How would you ban the RDMer?: I would enter the command !dban go into my console get his steamid And ban him using the reason 'Mass rdm avoiding punishment.

A member of the community has complained that another User is using Aimbot, how would you deal with this problem?: I would slay myself and follow the person who has been said to be using aimbot if i can't see anything i would use spybot and use that if he didn't i would say to the person who said he does have aimbot Don't accuse someone of aimbot. could get you into a lot of trouble next time.

What is the role of a Moderator on the SC3 Forums?: To make sure that no one is doing anything they shouldn't, find anything wrong with the forums and report it back to admins/owners.

What day are the SC3 Staff Meetings on? Every Friday at around 8pm or 9pm unless delayed.

Give the Names of Any Three Jailbreak Staff Members?
1) Jdude
2) Iraphoen
3) MrFuzzion

Who are the Three community owners?:
1) Shubbler
2) CreepyNutSack
3) LordPhylogeny

P.S #JonSnowIsBestWarden

P.S.S #ItIsNowALavaDay                                                                 Thanks For The Support!!!!!
Yesterday at 10:43:04 pm by cheesepotato999 | Views: 41 | Comments: 2

It has been told to me by my fellow jb moderators that I would be better suited as a dark rp moderator, this would make me have to give up my moderator jb position. I would like to know what the community and senior staff think, please take this seriously. You must also take into account that I will still be helping as VIP++ on jb and I am currently spending more time on dark rp.

P.s I am going on holiday and back next saturday
Yesterday at 04:22:54 pm by epic_fudge | Views: 56 | Comments: 4

Moderator Application

Steam IGN: Mr.White

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:86667204

Age: 15

Mic: Yes

Occupation: Student

Timezone/Country: Republic Of Ireland

Time on server: I did have quite a bit of time on the old server but the new a few minutes is all

Past Experience: I'm a Super-admin on a darkrp called Fatal Gaming server and i'm a donator on a different darkrp server called Civil Gamers.

Ideal Times that I can play: 12pm-12am Monday-Thursday

Reason for applying: I loved the old server it was my favourite server on Garry's Mod and then they took it down and the new servers up and i would really like to help the staff with it.

What I would Bring to the server: I would bring a good time to the other players by stopping rule breakers and by helping them with things like if there stuck or glitching or if they where wondering if they where accidentally breaking the rules and i would make it easier for other staff because i would be there to help.

Examples of leadership: I set a good example to the other players because barely break rules.

Define NLR?: [new life rule] Means you forget everything that happened before your death and that you can't return to the position of your death.

Define RDA?: [random arrest] When an officer of the law arrests you for no reason.

Define Mic Spam?: When you play music or keep repeating yourself through your mic

Someone is breaking in to someone else's base what are you going to do?: I would make sure that the raider adverted that he was raiding and i would make sure he didn't failrp by pulling out his gun and shooting the person getting raided if they had the gun pointing at him first.

A player has just broken they're NLR, how will you deal with the situation?: I would bring the person onto a building were we can't be interrupted and i would explain to him/her what nlr is and how the broke it and then i would jail them for breaking nlr.

What is the role of a Moderator In terms of DarkRP?: To enforce the rules and if the rules aren't followed to take action

Who are the three community owners?:
Yesterday at 02:12:01 am by Jon Snow | Views: 86 | Comments: 6

Hello Everybody,

My name is Jon Snow, And if you donate £200 a day maybe just maybe Jon Snow can get a new computer that doesn't crash Garry's Mod everytime he is Warden. It doesn't have to be £200 right away maybe just £199 a day maybe you can't spare that extra pound don't worry i won't judge.

It doesn't even have to be £200 it could be:

.More Ram for my computer
.A new computer
.A toaster (Run it better than my laptop)

So please help a Jon Snow near you.

Thanks                                                              -Jon Snow 2014                     P.S JonSnowForWardenEveryRound
July 23, 2014, 01:48:45 pm by MrConnor10699HD | Views: 117 | Comments: 6

when i first play this server i love it a lot i can help you guys out on that server the jailbreak server i can talk be on 10:30 to 12:30 and back on at 1:00 so i can be a good help to you no miss about i do my job that right for the player im 16 so thanks for reading

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