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Sell all your Pointshop Items!

Hey Guys, we need you to sell all of your Pointshop Items due to a big update coming on 30th October 4pm GMT. If you do not sell your items by this time, then you shall lose all of your items. Please spread the word and save your Pointshop Points.

No Compensation will be provided for Players that fail to comply with the message.

I hope to see you on Jailbreak.
Have a nice day, Shubbler.
SC3 | Xenon
Today at 10:59:35 am by SC3 | Xenon
Views: 16 | Comments: 2

So yea...

I "invented" or came up with this one sentence you have to say rythmic to make it sound cool :

SHANK THE WARDEN, KILL THE WARDEN! we say it like a couple times per round but because we
say it rythmical it's counted as mic spam and I was wondering if ya'll could make an exception
I mean it's gonna be hard making everyone stop it allot of the new players and regularly joining players now it to...

Post down below what you guys think!

-Tteh honest and awesome Xenon HAS SPOKEN!
Yesterday at 11:36:37 pm by Glowstick | Views: 45 | Comments: 5

Most of you already know that there is a server under development.

I am Glowstick the server manager of the deathrun, I cant wait to get started with working with the community members and staff team.

The server as for now is not open do to the fact that it is still under development.

Would you like a sneak peek of the server well you are in luck, I am looking for 6 players that are under these following ranks, VIP/Trusted/Mod/Admin, To be a beta testers.

Apply with this format in the reply section below.

Code: [Select]
Steam ID:
IGN Name:
Info about yourself:
Why you deserve to be a beta tester for deathrun:
Finally how long have you been with the community:

Nov 6, 2014 is last chance to apply.

Once given the password you are not to give it out, If you are to do so you will no longer beta test for the deathrun server.

Thank you and Good luck.

-SC3 | Glowstick
Yesterday at 03:31:26 pm by QaziAbzy | Views: 27 | Comments: 1

Hi guys its me QaziAbzy,i will share some stuff about myself.
My real name is Abdullah ******** but most of my friends call me Abzy.I am in Year 9 and study all basic subjects and Spanish,German, Latin and DT.

How I got my IGN name:It all started at the age of six when my uncles randomly decided to call me Abzy,when i got my playstation 3 when i was 9 i made an account and named myself Abzy2001,i always played with this gamer tag until i forgot my password forgot the login,I felt like my life was over but decided to create a new account.I struggled to find a name that suited me until my parents said that i might as well put QaziAbzy because "Qazi" means king in Upani zuban a sub language of Urdu and QaziAbzy would mean KingAbzy,I liked the sound of it and made an account and ever since my username for EVERYTHING has been that

School/life:I go to a school called KES or in it's un-abbreviated version **** ******* ****** **.Its a word school that finishes at 4o'clock instead of 3 which is what most other secondary schools finish at.On Fridays we have to participate in a thing called Junior House in which all the houses compete to be the best,so far my house(Watts) has won every match so far in the rugby season.Junior House ends at 5:30 so on Fridays i come home late.Also this school sets a ton of homework(3 a day).Oh and by he way,school is my life :'(.

Hobbies:I love to play chess and cricket and read books that are action packed like the Hobbit or Time Riders.I also have a passion for origami the art of paper folding,in my free time i also make sprays,if you ask i make free of charge  :D

Things i like:I like a good friend,a nice community and great people.I ALSO LOVE SCIENCE AND MATHS.I like some animals like cats or eagles but my favourite is the simple but complex Spider or spee-ider(from Megamind) as i like to call it.

Thing I hate:Well for once I absolutely hate conflict anywhere in the world,i am kinda a peace guy,although when it comes to GMod or an game all i do is KILL KILL KILL because it is not real ;D.I also hate rats and other rodents because in my religion which is Peace rodents are dirty animals,also sloths are third place after dogs(sorry to all the dog lovers but i hat them)

I love how my hate list is longer than my what i like list

Worst injuries or illnesses ever:
Broke my arm at the age of 2!!This one is kinda funny because even when i was 2 my dad had a very simple pc and used to play Command and Conquer 2,he used to play it all the time and so did I want to.One day when my dad was out and my mum making some food i crawled on top of the chair and onto the keyboard,but as i did so I accidentally kicked the chair away and held on to the keyboard which slipped causing me to fall and break my arm
Got Pneumonia when 9:At first I had a simple cold but i refused to take the medicine i was given,the cold then developed into a heavy cold which then turned into pneumonia,I had to stay in hospital for 3 days and take recovery medicine for 2 weeks,luckily my pneumonia wasn't as bad as pneumonia can be.Since then i have swore to always take my medicine whenever i get ill

I am muslim-Sunni so plz no disrespect.

So yeah that is kinda my story,thnx for reading
Yesterday at 11:20:19 am by Iraphoen | Views: 66 | Comments: 6

My GMod crashes again whenever I try to join a server! FUDGEing great! I will be fixing it whenever I am on GMod, but I have to sort it out and this may take a month or two. This isn't the same problem with the addons, this is a problem with my game. It will take a few uninstallations and cache verifying and addon downloading/removing.
If the problem persists, I will be leaving temporarily. Good bye in advance.
October 29, 2014, 11:58:40 pm by cazzacstan | Views: 89 | Comments: 5

So recently the SC3 server went down due to there being not enough funds to run.
EDIT BY SHUBBLER: The server was down due to an Error in the database. We needed a large amount of funds quickly to fix the error.

A user donated to keep the server running smoothly, but i dont think that the server should just run off of user donations.

We need a reliable source of money to keep SC3 up and running.

Many people said advertisments in game and on the forum, but these make the servers and websites look unneat, unprofessional, and generally terrible.

So i think that we should add a feature in which you can watch an advertisment and get free XP AND/OR SC3 points. I have seen this done on other games and it works extremely well because the users get free XP ( ;D ), The server gets money so that it can run ( ;D ) and the advertisers get people to look at their advertisments ( ;D ).

So for example you can post something like !Points in the chat in game, and an advertisement will pop up. If you watch it it untill the end then you get some XP/Points. You can usually do this once per hour to stop people abusing this tool. This will also make the server more active, and the game will not be cluttered with advertisements.

please post your opinions/support/ideas below.

Thanks  8)

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